[정치]Kim Gun-hee, who is making her official debut on the diplomatic stage, saw what kind of schedule she had

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□ Broadcast Date: June 28, 2022 (Tuesday)
□ Host: Lee Hyun-woong Announcer
□ Appearance: Reporter Jeong Sang-geun

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◇ Announcer Lee Hyun-woong (hereafter, Lee Hyun-woong): Wise Radio Life Part 2, this time! We introduce the hottest current issues in the easiest, most interesting way. With reporter Jeong-geun Jeong. hello?

◆ Reporter Jeong Sang-geun (hereafter Jeong Sang-geun): Hello.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: Today’s theme is NATO and Dead Cross, but I heard that President Yoon Seok-Yeol arrived in Madrid, Spain around 4:30 today.

◆ Jeong Geun: We started yesterday. It left yesterday afternoon and arrived this morning. The NATO Summit will be held in Madrid, Spain for two days from the 29th local time. President Yoon Seok-yeol became the first South Korean president to attend the NATO summit. NATO is called the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and NATO is a military alliance between the United States and Western European countries to check the communist bloc in northeast Europe during the Cold War era. However, since communism has virtually collapsed in the eastern bloc now, it can be viewed as a security consultative body between the United States and Europe, which has a strong character to keep Russia and China in check.

◇ Lee Hyun-woong: I know that neighboring countries have expressed their hopes of joining NATO recently in relation to Russia and Ukraine, but have you never received an invitation before the president of our country?

◆ Jeong Geun: I never got it. Since it is a military consultative body between Europe and the United States on the North Atlantic side, there was no reason for the far-flung South Korea to attend, but this is the first time NATO has invited South Korea. Not only Korea, but also Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific region countries that are close to the Western world were invited. If you look at them, not only those countries, but also Russia and China border the Pacific Ocean. In addition, countries such as the United States, Korea and Japan that surround the Pacific Ocean play a very important pivotal role in the global economy. The Pacific Ocean has emerged as a major axis of global security. Isn’t NATO’s invitation to Pacific countries to expand its influence into the Pacific? This kind of analysis is coming out through various media outlets, and as a result, Russia and China are surrounded by East and West. Actually, it was a report from Bloomberg News, and NATO will form a new strategic concept this time, but I am going to put the word China’s challenge here. It is said that there was such a report. That is why China and Russia are now very sensitive to NATO’s inclusion of Pacific countries, and in China, countries in the Pacific region are openly dissatisfied with their participation in the NATO summit, especially South Korea, which has the closest border. .

◇ Hyeon-woong Lee: Just thinking about it, I feel like we should make more on our side, but then the government would say that this is an intention or a hidden intention. I don’t think I would have gone without knowing.

◆ Jeong Geun: You shouldn’t have gone without knowing. I thought that I would not have gone without knowing it again. Messages from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the President’s Office here at that time are not meant to oppose China and Russia, in a way, to treat them as enemies. I was getting a message like this. I am hoping that I will have a good grasp of the current international situation.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: If you look at it from the outside, as we said before, it makes more friendly countries and it feels like this. If this is not the case, I think it will be more important what kind of message you go and exchange. Is there anything to talk about?

◆ Sang-Geun Jeong: I think we can get a sense of what role our country will play in this summit in the presidential calendar, but when the president gives a speech, he will talk about the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and it will win international support.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: About three minutes.

◆ Jeonggeun Jeong: I know it’s not a long time. The summit is also a summit, and there are schedules to hold bilateral summits with various countries participating in the summit focusing on economic issues. So, within the limits of not provoking China and Russia as much as possible, I will take care of the benefits from within. It seems you are looking at it this way.

◇ Lee Hyun-woong: But the Democratic Party’s chairman, Woo Sang-ho, has nothing to gain. I think I went and said something like this.

◆ Jeong Geun: That’s right. As I said before, NATO’s point of view is to increase our side as much as possible. Being on our side means we are on your side as well. But from the perspective of our country, your side is not on your side. This is because the scale of economic trade between Korea and Russia and China is considerable. In the case of China, it is also the number one trading partner. The most important thing is that China, Russia, and Korea are fairly close to each other, and President Putin may have been annoyed by many European countries, but in the end did not start a war in Ukraine, where the border is closest. Of course, since Korea has an international status that cannot be compared with Ukraine, we will not wage war with a gun. I can’t see it this way, but nonetheless, I’m worried because there are a lot of things that are economically intertwined. Vice Chairman Woo Sang-ho said the same thing. Has it been reviewed to see if Koreans and companies operating in China or Russia are okay? I want to give you this advice. This is what Chairman Woo Sang-ho spoke about. I can’t not go here because my allies or allies have invited me, but even if I do go, I think he asked me to prepare carefully and pay considerable attention to my words and actions.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: I think there are a lot of cases where we are always stuck in the middle.

◆ Jeonggeun Jeong: That’s right.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: Would you say it is China’s economic retaliation? I don’t know if there is no precedent for economic measures, but it seems to be a situation where there is concern, of course, and it was the day of departure. A public opinion poll showed that negative evaluations outweighed positive evaluations regarding President Yoon Seok-yeol’s performance of state affairs.

◆ Sang-Geun Jeong: There were similar results in several polls, but the poll I’m going to introduce today is the Real Meter poll. Realmeter frequently conducts regular polls, so it’s good to see trends. According to the results of Realmeter’s survey of 2,515 people over the age of 18 across the country for five days from the 20th to the 24th, 46.6% answered that President Yoon Seok-yeol was doing well, and 47.7% said that he was not doing well. In a Realmeter poll, negative evaluations outperformed positive evaluations, which is called a dead cross. Before that, the positive evaluation was still within the margin of error, but the positive evaluation took precedence, but now the negative evaluation took precedence. Of course, the difference between the positive and negative evaluations was within the error range of 1.1 percentage points. That’s why there are more people who don’t like it because of it. I can’t make this conclusion, but people’s opinions are divided in half about the management of state affairs. You might look at it like this. For more information, please refer to the website of the Central Election Opinion Survey Deliberation Committee.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: Looking at the previous trend, it is difficult to say which is higher or lower because it is within the margin of error.

◆ Jeonggeun Jeong: There must be many reasons. Realmeter polls ask that. There are parts about why you support it or why you don’t, but in the part about why you support it, the momentum seems good. There seem to have been a lot of answers like this. On the other hand, if you ask me why I don’t support it, it’s a personnel issue or a bit of an inconsistency problem.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: It’s almost the same word, but just change the front and back slightly.

◆ Jung Sang-geun: Some people look at it and see it as having a driving force, and some people seem to be too selfish. This is how you see it. These issues seem to have had a lot of influence.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: It’s been a little over a month since I took office, and it’s only been a few months since I took office. Is it normal for a dead cross to appear like this?

◆ Jung Sang-geun: It’s been a little over a month, but within a month of taking office, the approval rating has dropped, and negative evaluations outweighed positive ones. It’s not like this never happened. There have been times like that. In the case of former President Lee Myung-bak, his approval rating continued to fall after taking office, and former President Park Geun-hye also rose slightly and then suddenly dropped. I remember that it was a personnel issue back then as well. It is true that even in the case of former President Moon Jae-in, his approval rating fell about a month after he took office. However, in the case of former President Moon Jae-in, it fell from the low 80% to the high 70%, and in the case of former President Lee Myung-bak, it continued to go down gradually from the low 50%. had fallen to If you look at other past presidential approval surveys, there was a survey conducted for one year in office, not one month into office. Former President Roh Moo-hyun also maintained the level at 60%. However, the person who caught my eye was former President Roh Tae-woo, who received only 29% of the polls in the first year of his inauguration. If you look at it that way, it can be seen as a general phenomenon that approval ratings drop immediately after taking office. There is always a trend that the approval ratings go up and down, but it is clear that President Yoon Seok-yeol’s current approval ratings are on the low side compared to previous presidents. . Approval rate rises or falls slightly This part may not be very important, but if the trend continues and falls to the 30% level, there is a problem that the situation will change at that time.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: I don’t know if it’s because of my mood, but if you look at some recent surveys like this, it seems that there are a lot of cases where they are almost half-half.

◆ Jeong Geun: A lot. In particular, there were many cases of socially important issues or socially similar thoughts, but when the ruling and opposition parties started to deal with this issue, they were again divided 50/50 again.

◇ Hyun-woong Lee: It is common for presidents to attend the NATO summit this time, and when they go to such a stage of multilateral diplomacy or such, the approval rate sometimes rises. How do we get a chance to rebound this time?

◆ Jeong Sang-geun: The approval rating tends to go up when the president visits abroad, but when the president goes abroad, there are reporters who follow him, and they usually report very favorably. By following the scene, the reporters do not report the meaning of the summit or the front and back views of this summit, but rather follow the president and report sympathy. I have no choice but to accept it, and the approval rating tends to increase significantly, but in the late Park Geun-hye administration and in the Moon Jae-in administration, diplomatic events did not have a significant impact on the approval rating. Because many people see information about diplomatic schedules and diplomatic events through the media, there are also a lot of content that experts explain on other platforms, and in particular, as various media are popping up, the president’s words and actions are emphasized. Because I often write articles, my approval rating goes up overseas because of that. I think that it will be difficult to see this in a trend.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: Since you tell me, I also think that I need to pay more attention to my words and actions. I heard that President Yoon has a very tight schedule this time, how do you manage everything?

◆ Sang-geun Jeong: It is said that there are several summits with the leaders, and there is also a Korea-US-Japan summit scheduled, and the Korea-Japan summit has been canceled, but it may lead to a kind of meeting ceremony. This is how the conversation is going. The summit that is currently being held has reached nine countries in Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom. Including this, there are about 14 diplomatic schedules, but the meeting time is very short because the NATO summit is only for one night and two days. There is also a Korea-U.S.-Japan summit, but it will probably be over within 30 minutes.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: What do you say in 30 minutes?

◆ Jeong Geun: When we greet each other

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: There is also an interpreter.

◆ Jeong-geun Jeong: I need an interpreter.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: Two or three minutes to say hello

◇ Hyun-woong Lee: Interpreter in 30 minutes If you live in 3 countries, 15 minutes

◆ Jeong Geun: At the end, you say you had fun, but if you do this again, I think that the schedule will be about that level of saying hello and just looking at your face and drinking a cup of tea.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: Sure, we went through non-face-to-face conversations, but in reality, there are cases where there is a difference between the time we saw each other and the time we didn’t see each other, and the time we talked to each other, and when we talked again later, can we interpret it in that sense? .

◆ Sang-geun Jeong: In multilateral diplomacy, getting to know each other and establishing a relationship seems to be important. In order to further develop this part in the future, whether the president of the Republic of Korea or the leader of the other party comes to the Republic of Korea, a bilateral summit must be held before the full-fledged talk will come out. .

◇ Hyeon-woong Lee: This time, Ms. Kun-hee Kim also accompanied me. It will be their first diplomatic debut.

◆ Jeong Geun: That’s right. President Yun Seok-Yeol also said that the summit meeting between the two countries is the first time that President Biden came to Korea and that President Yun Seok-Yeol will go abroad, and it is the first time for multilateral diplomacy. She says she has a spouse program. Since NATO leaders are gathering, spouses also come together. Spouses of participating countries gather together and plan to attend a dinner hosted by the King of Spain. Mostly, they visit the royal palace, visit a glass factory, or visit the National Museum of Art. They are known to be filled with such itineraries.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: I saw the video that was slightly released on the plane this time, and he asked me to say something, but he didn’t say it. Do you see any intentions?

◆ Jeong Geun: Well. I don’t know if the president’s office told her to spare her words, but it is said that Kim Gun-hee’s words and actions have been very controversial recently. She seems to have been careful about her words ahead of the diplomatic stage.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: Today we finished the first topic on NATO and Dead Cross, and we have about 5 minutes left for the second hour, so I want to talk about fandom politics. A politician’s fandom, a celebrity’s fandom, are these fundamentally the same personality or should they be viewed as slightly different?

◆ Jeong Geun: I think it’s a little different, but in the case of a fandom of celebrities, they support and support them so that they can do great things, collect goods and support them, but there is a sense of self that comes from supporting the celebrity. Satisfaction seems to be a very important factor, but there seems to be a difference in whether the fandom of politicians contains the will and desire of the supporters who want to see the world that I want to see through politicians, although politicians are also politicians.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: But there are talks about keeping the distance, but it is possible to keep the distance from a politician’s point of view, is this something like this, what is a fandom?

◆ Sang-geun Jeong: In the case of politicians like in the past, there have been cases where former President Roh Moo-hyun started a kind of fan club, but that does not mean that politicians cannot create or do fan clubs themselves. In addition, we exchange political opinions with each other, and since this is the form, it is not that the politicians can dissolve our supporters when they say they should dissolve them. I do not know.

◇ Hyeonwoong Lee: If we cut off communication, for example, will it be distance?

◆ Jeong Geun: Well. I do not know. Even so, those who will be active again will do it, but above all else, there are more channels for those who call themselves a fandom of politicians and supporters to voice their voices. In the past, there were supporters for politicians, and there are supporters, so of course you are in politics and you are elected. Politicians have expressed their political desires through such activities as chanting their names or holding placards from public campaigns. to reveal and act like that. However, I am skeptical of whether this can be fundamentally prevented.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: This is my guess, but politicians do it because they tell us to keep our distance. In a way, they are the people who support you, but it doesn’t seem like it will be easy to give up on them.

◆ Jeong Geun: It’s impossible for politicians to keep that distance. Because there are people who support me, I can’t tell you not to support me.

◇ Lee Hyun-woong: If you look at the symbol of fandom politics, Rep. Lee Jae-myung’s dog daughter These days, even dog bags are coming out, and I think you can hear Lee Jun-seok’s Lee Dae-nam. Which one can be seen as a little more cohesive?

◆ Jeong Geun: Since they are active in their respective communities, it is difficult to see who is stronger, but the attitudes of the two politicians who use it are somewhat different. On the other hand, Representative Lee Jun-seok is actively proposing policies for Lee Dae-nam and trying to formulate them, whereas in the case of Rep. Lee Jae-myung, he is holding the support of so-called dog daughters, but he is talking about other policies as well. Seems to

◇ Lee Hyun-woong: It seems that Lee Jun-seok wrote a letter asking him to join the party again this time.

◆ Jeong Sang-geun: If you join a party member and become a member of the party in charge, you can participate in a kind of intra-party election or such. As I personally do not have a very large base within the party, and since most of the Party members of People’s Power were organized by past delegates or by regional chairpersons in the region, there are many people who support the new self from the perspective of Chairman Lee Jun-seok. It would be nice to come in.

◇ Hyeon-woong Lee: It seems that quite a few lawmakers attended the event hosted by Rep. Jang Je-won this time. Representative Jun-seok Lee did not go.

◆ Jung Sang-geun: Only CEO Jun-seok Lee did not go.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: How should I look at that?

◆ Jeong Sang-geun: What can we say about the power of the people within the party? Isn’t the rudder caught? CEO Jun-seok Lee is playing a role as the representative, but in fact, it can be said that he is in power. I think that the dynamics of force composition is shown.

◇ Lee Hyun-woong: On the other hand, I called former Chairman Kim Jong-in, who had a bit of a conflict during the days of former candidate Yoon Seok-yeol. He gave a speech, what do you think this meant?

◆ Jung Sang-geun: I think it could be said that the salvation of both sides was eliminated. Because there was a conflict with President Yoon Seok-yeol, but in the case of Chairman Kim Jong-in, leaving the party also caused a big conflict with Rep. Jang Je-won. However, the fact that Rep. Jang Je-won invited Chairman Kim Jong-in to the event and that Chairman Kim Jong-in gave a speech there seems to have forgotten the courtship in the past and gave strength to the new Yoon forces in the party, including the so-called lawmaker Jang Je-won.

◇ Hyunwoong Lee: I think we will have to watch the situation a little more in the future. Today, we talked about two topics: NATO, dead cross, and fandom politics. I heard it well today. Normal work Lee Sang-mu I will finish here today.

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