▲ BEXCO site where G-Star 2020 will be held, its appearance is somewhat empty compared to last year (Photo: Game Mecca)

G-Star 2020 has come to an end. This year, G-Star will be held online due to the influence of Corona 19. Of course, BEXCO has a broadcasting stage, but there is no booth that can be called the highlight of the game show. In addition, it is true that general participants cannot enter the field, and major programs are mainly screened on stage with pre-produced videos, and offline, the feeling of a game show is weaker than last year.

In fact, BEXCO Exhibition Hall 1 was filled with exhibitors’ booths last year, but this year, about half of them were empty. The Busan Indie Connect Festival demonstration booth, which showcases games on the G-Star broadcast stage and for those who visited the site, is all of the main facilities installed on the site. And in the vacant place, a large banner was placed introducing the exhibits of B2C exhibitors such as WeMade, Nexon, Krafton, Kakao Games, and Smilegate Megaport. It is true that something is empty even though we know that it is an inevitable part because it is an online-centered process.

However, quarantine measures are strictly followed. QR code authentication and a heat sensor are installed at the front door of BEXCO, and a device to check body temperature is also installed at the front door of the G-Star event. Hand sanitizers and plastic gloves were provided throughout the venue, and there were personnel who managed to maintain a 2m interval even when entering the venue. In the press room where a large number of people gather, desks are separated at 2m intervals, and partitions are installed in all seats to prevent infection.

▲ On the first day of G-Star, it rained in Busan, and BEXCO Plaza, which was full of participants waiting for admission, was also empty this year (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ G-Star 2020 press room, separate seats to prevent infection and set up partitions on each seat (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ The presenter seats installed on the press room stage were also prepared (Photo: Game Mecca)

▲ There were a few people at the entrance, but there was a staff member who managed to maintain a 2m interval when entering the event hall (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ A heat sensor to check the body temperature was also installed at the entrance of the event hall, and after the filming, I checked the body temperature again and entered (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ The G-Star event space installed in BEXCO this year is all part of the photo (Photo provided by G-Star Organizing Committee)
▲ A special stage where major programs including the opening ceremony are held (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ A demonstration booth for the Busan Indie Connect Festival, featuring 44 indie games, was prepared (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ A demonstration stand was installed in the booth where you can play games (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ Looking at the other side, you can see that the venue is empty (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ The atmosphere is 180 degrees different compared to the demonstration booth and G-Star last year, which was full of people (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ Still, the large banner relieves the feeling of emptiness (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ Opening ceremony site announcing the start of G-Star (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ A partition was installed between the participants of the opening ceremony on the stage (Photo: Game Mecca)
▲ Offline is a bit clunky, but I hope online is hot (Photo: Game Mecca)


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