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Un Peterbald lila tabby

Species (In life sciences, the species (from the Latin species, “type” …)Chat (The domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) is a carnivorous mammal of the family of …) (Patas)
Region of origin
RegionRussia Russia
SilhouetteOriental type
Weight (Weight is the force of gravity, of gravitational and inertial origin, exerted by …)3.5 to 7 kg.
Hair (The hair is a threadlike production of the epidermis, covering partially or …)Without
RobeAll colors are allowed.
EyesAlmond-shaped. Blue or green
QueueLong and thin
  • Federations: LOOF, FIFé, WCF

the Peterbald is a race (In zoological nomenclature, the race is a lower taxonomic rank than the species …) cat native to Russia. This cat is characterized by its hairless coat.


This young breed was created in 1994, in Saint-Petersburg. She is the fruit (In botany, the fruit is the plant organ protecting the seed ….) of an experimental cross between a Donskoy (The donskoy, also called don sphynx and don sphynx, is a breed of cat native to …) and an Oriental. the uncomfortable (A gene is a sequence of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that specifies …) responsible for the lack of hair in the Donskoy being dominant, he allied himself to the physique (Physics (from the Greek φυσις, nature) is etymologically the …) typical of the Oriental.

From the first two litters were born four kittens: Mandarin iz Murine (Murino (in Serbian Cyrillic: Мурино) is a village in …), Muscat iz Murino, Nezhenka iz Murino and Nocturne iz Murinoqui. These are the first representatives of the breed.

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The breed was recognized in 1996 by the Russian Feline Federation. On that date, the standard is also established. A year later it is The International Cat Association (TICA) which recognizes the breed then in 2003 the World Cat Federation.

Since then, the breeders have devoted themselves to keeping the typical appearance of Oriental and Siamese cats.


Peterbalds are described as temperate and peaceful cats but remaining energetic and curious.

Like the Siamese and the Orientals, they would have difficulty in loneliness and would therefore have need (The needs are at the level of the interaction between the individual and the environment. It is …) of a lot of attention. They would therefore also enjoy the company of other cats and generally get along well with other animals and with children. These character traits, however, remain perfectly individual and are before all (The whole understood as the whole of what exists is often interpreted as the world or …) history functions of each cat, regardless of its breed.


The Peterbald has the physique of the Oriental, that is to say, a long body, a triangular head with prominent cheekbones, large ears and almond-shaped eyes (the bleu (Blue (from the old High German “blao” = brilliant) is one of the three colors …) and the vert (Green is a complementary color corresponding to light that has a wavelength …) are allowed). The legs are long and slender, the feet oval with elongated toes.

The skin (The skin is an organ made up of several layers of tissue. It plays, among other things, the …) must be bare and elastic. There are folds on the head, stomach and armpits. A small down is allowed on the nose (The nose (from Latin nasus) is in man the median projection of the face located above …), ears, feet and genitals. At to touch (Touch, also called tact or taction, is one of the five senses of man or animal, …), the skin will appear to touch the nose of a horse (The horse (Equus ferus caballus or equus caballus) is a large herbivorous mammal and …).

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Nevertheless, a small down of less than 2 millimeters is accepted all over the body in some cats but not desired. Traditional dresses and colourpoint (Colourpoint, or Colorpoint (in the United States) is the name given in the standards …) are accepted in all colors.

Whiskers are not always present, but if there is, they are curly.

A female (In biology, female (from the Latin “femella”, small woman, young woman) is the …) lila tabby (Tabby designates the pattern of a cat dress. Tabby cats are more commonly …)