10 most fragile and unsafe foreign cars on the Russian market – Cars

According to German experts, a little less than 10,000,000 car owners visited technical centers during the year. This, as you understand, is about Germany. But the cars on which they came to the service, with might and main ride on our roads. It is gratifying that 69% of the cars that visited the maintenance points passed the inspection without any complaints. But 11% of the cars had various malfunctions. However, the experts completely forbade the owners of some “carts” from entering the roadway.

Do not be surprised, but the most indestructible car according to the results of the seasonal test was the German Mercedes-Benz B-class. Of the hundreds of cars, only two had serious technical problems. Slightly more defects were found in the Mercedes-Benz GLC and Volkswagen Golf. Experts recognized the Audi Q3 crossover as more breaking.

But Dacia Logan (in the Russian interpretation – Renault Logan) became an outsider in the reliability rating – almost 12% of state employees simply failed the test during the technical inspection. In addition to the French passenger car, which suffers from problems in operation, the German Volkswagen Sharan and the American Ford Galaxu are also problematic.