10,000 forced return to China “fox hunting”, dispatched operatives abroad-human rights group-Bloomberg

Through an activity called “fox hunting,” China has forced about 10,000 people who are said to have fled the country to return home by means of kidnapping and pressure on their families.Human rights group Safeguard Defenders announced on the 18thPointed out in the report.

According to the report, 9946 people have been deported since China’s President Xi Jinping started this activity more than seven years ago. In most cases, China claims to be a “voluntary” return, transcendental means were used to force targeted people to return.

Chinese anti-corruption authorities and state mediaAccording to the data released, the peak of deportation was 2041 in 2019 before the coronavirus disease.The National Supervisory Commission said about January-November last year.Reported that there were 1114 people.

No Place to Hide

Reports of overseas Chinese facing pressure to return home

Source: Safeguard Defenders