15 nests with 63 storks hotspot in the Freiburg Mundenhof | South Baden

A generation of storks in southern Baden was something special just a generation ago. Thanks to the “White Stork Breisgau” association, storks are now at home again.

Mundenhof sets new stork record

Wherever the eye looks: On the roofs of the Mundenhof in Freiburg, one stork’s nest is lined up after the other. A total of 15 pairs of storks breed here and youngsters are waiting impatiently for new food everywhere. When an adult bird approaches, the joy is great.

Not enough space: parents have to move out of nests

The protected birds feel increasingly at home in southern Baden, sometimes up to the Black Forest valleys. This is thanks to the association “White Stork Breisgau”. He takes care of the storks from Köndringen in the district of Emmendingen to Staufen in the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald. The association looks after 140 stork nests, of which 130 are occupied.

An older man stands in front of a courtyard on the house gable of which there are several stork nests.  (Photo: SWR, Gabi Krings)

Gustav Bickel from the “Weißstorch Breisgau” association is happy about the growing stork population


Gabi Krings

Sometimes there are almost too many. With the growing number of storks, living space is becoming scarce, said Gustav Bickel from the “Weißstorch Breisgau” association. If a place becomes vacant somewhere, it can be filled again in no time, he says.

“Now you can often see that the parents spend the night on the roof next door because they have no more space in the nest.”

Gustav Bickel from the “Weißstorch Breisgau” association


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