20 minutes of sport a day: the key to good health?

Let’s be honest: it’s not always easy to find time in the day to train. Since the start of the pandemic, teleworking has slowly made its way into our daily lives, making it even more difficult to play sports. No more walks to the subway, cycling or walking to get to the office and hooks by the gym when leaving work. We are more than one to see how hard it is to maintain your motivation when operating from the comfort of your living room. However, twenty minutes of physical activity a day would already have beneficial effects on the body and the mind.

Why twenty minutes? Quite simply because it is not too long and easy to integrate into the routine. According to a study published in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in 2015, moving a little daily can reduce the risk of premature death by about 30%. A small effort to provide every day with a big impact. The little extra? No need for equipment or to go far, many coaches offer quick workouts on YouTube. Pilates, yoga, muscle strengthening, cardio… There’s something for everyone! “Twenty minutes of Pilates a day can help because it activates the muscles and also helps develop body awareness. The best way to practice it is little but often. You will see results because you are consistent. The important thing is regularity and fun, that’s what will help you progress,” says Helen O’Leary, physiotherapist and Pilates teacher at the UK version of ‘Stylist’.

The importance of varying the exercises

To make your sports routine even more effective (and fun), we do not hesitate to vary the pleasures. According to a study by the University of Florida, people who test several disciplines are more enthusiastic about the idea of ​​training than those who do the same thing every day. Even better, they would be 63% more likely to be regular in their practice. “Mixing up the sports from time to time stimulates the brain and ensures that you won’t get bored. It’s something we don’t talk about enough, ”said Rebecca Myers, sports coach, still with “Stylist”. Trying new things brings an extra challenge and improves fitness faster. Be careful, however, not to practice activities at too high an intensity every day in order to let the body regenerate.

If you want to get back into sport gently by practicing twenty minutes a day, don’t forget to build a daily schedule: it’s the best way to stay motivated. “Our body craves routine, so plan your workout. Your body and mind will accept it as part of the day. You are more likely to notice gradual improvement with this methodology: slow and steady,” concludes Rebecca Myers.