Coronavirus in the US: the death toll rose to 21

The death toll from the coronavirus in the US increased to 21, after King County authorities in Washington state reported 17 deaths from the coronavirus this Sunday, bringing the total number of deaths in this state to 18 and 21 the total in the whole country, with two in Florida and one in California. In […]

Ronaldinho is under investigation for further crimes

“The case as it was presented is clear,” said Queiroz. “No other point is being investigated, you can see that in the documents there.” He called the brothers’ detention “arbitrary, abusive and illegal”. “They admitted that they used the wrong passports,” Queiroz told reporters. “But no harm was done to the Paraguayan state. “Roberto and […]

boiling, the Frenchman who won 400,000 euros recounts his crazy adventure

One of his friends immediately warns him before going on the phone: “He is not in very good shape. He has a small voice, he is totally alcoholic but at least he smells good.” Greg gets out of the shower when he retrieves the laptop from his hotel room this Sunday night to tell us […]

The love story of the Othman series, episode 14 … The first announcement of the series, Resurrection of the founder, Othman, the fourteenth episode, has been translated on ATV

Osman series love series episode 14, Exciting and interesting events will permeate the next episode of the founder’s Resurrection series, where the promo of the fourteenth episode was shown, and millions of followers interacted with the promotional offer expressing their enthusiasm to know what will happen to Dondar and Bulgarian in light of Osman’s desire […]

The demarcation from J & K should be Jammu | India News gives more political weight

NEW DELHI: The center has decided to complete the demarcation exercise in Jammu and Kashmir within a year, which is likely to overturn the balance of power towards the Jammu region with more MLAs than Kashmir in the Union Territory legislature. On Friday, the center communicated the demarcation commission’s constitution, headed by former Supreme Court […]

Fed’s charter plane to repatriate Canadians on a California cruise ship

TORONTO – The federal government is chartering an aircraft to repatriate Canadians aboard a cruise ship detained off the California coast for an outbreak of COVID-19. Global Affairs Canada announced on Sunday that the aircraft will transport Canadians from the Grand Princess cruise ship. You will be flown from San Francisco to the Canadian armed […]