How to understand that your cough is not due to coronavirus –

Such a symptom can be caused by many diseases and causes many The head of the emergency department from the clinic of Yekaterinburg told, from what, in addition to COVID-19, coughing may occur. Amid the general panic, people forgot, that this symptom is not unique to coronavirus, and he has a lot of reasons. Head […]

The great victims of the postponement of the Tokyo Games

The postponement of the Olympic Games to 2021 annoyed many athletes, but especially those who were going to play the Olympic football tournament, for the age restriction. While waiting to know if the age limit will ultimately be 24, here are the victims of the postponement of the Tokyo Games. Lautaro Martinez (Argentina)–twitter-inter.jpg ? […]

Olga Tañón teaches her followers to make cloth masks | The world

Given the shortage of masks that exists in all parts of the world, the singer Olga Tañón taught her followers how to make a cloth mask to protect yourself from the Covid-19 if you have to go outside. Through a live broadcast on her Facebook page, the Woman of Fire showed step by step for […]

Apex Legends Legendary Quests Event Takes Date

Starting next week, players will follow in the footsteps of Bloodhound with the Legendary Quests event from Apex Legends. Since the April 7 and until April 21, Apex Legends players will be able to follow in the footsteps of Bloodhound, one of the Border’s biggest hunters, in the “Legendary Quests” event. They will be able […]

Germany warns of “chaos” that pandemic may cause in Africa

German Federal Minister for Cooperation and Development Gerd Müller warned yesterday of the outbreak of violence and new waves of refugees when the coronavirus pandemic spreads across Africa. “The situation is dramatic, as the virus is now two months behind in developing and emerging countries,” Müller told the Augsburger Allgemeinen newspaper. “I am concerned that […]

Werder Bremen counters interior senator Ulrich Mäurer

I.In the dispute with the interior senator Ulrich Mäurer (SPD), managing director Frank Baumann from the Bundesliga soccer club Werder Bremen has clearly criticized. “We are irritated by Mr. Mäurer’s regular public appearances with this negative attitude towards professional football,” said Baumann in an interview with the Weser Kurier (Sunday edition). This was preceded by […]

Tourism: Bordeaux reveals itself in hikes

The white and red horizontal bands are now part of the decor when you walk around Bordeaux. For the past ten years, a “green loop” has already made it possible to cross the Girondine capital and its neighboring cities, according to their parks and gardens. Here it became a long-distance hiking trail a few weeks […]

Faulty internet and no computer: containment widens the gap at school

At the entrance to a high school in Seine-Saint-Denis, printed courses and deposited in an airlock, wait for students to come and pick them up. Same scene, in a college in Normandy, where the principal gives copies to parents, respecting the barrier measures against the coronavirus. These students, without a printer, a computer, or even […]