25 years in prison for the singer

Illustrative image. (© Tim Douet)

A former cabaret singer, tried since Tuesday in Lyon for the assassination of his companion discovered in his burned car in June 2018, was sentenced Friday evening.

The 41-year-old man was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Friday evening for the murder of his partner. She was found in a burnt-out car on a country lane near their home on June 16, 2018, in Taluyers (Rhône), south of Lyon. The sentence was accompanied by a socio-judicial follow-up of 5 years and a ban on civil rights for 10 years by the Court of Assizes of the Rhône.

“A guy who was built on nothingness”

Mikael Corcessin-Dervin was found guilty of killing Aline Sepret, a 35-year-old dancer, and burning her body. A baker by trade converted to a DJ in Picardy before performing as a singer, he admitted having voluntarily pushed his companion down a staircase but denied the intention of killing her.

It’s not a monster, it would be so much easier “, underlined at the hearing the lawyer of the accused Me Damien Legrand in his argument, reports AFP.

His biggest flaw is affect, it’s love, it’s his Achilles heel. He is unable to assume his act, to verbalize it “, declared for his part the other council of the forties, Me Loïc Bussy, evoking “ a guy who was built on nothingness “, who ” lives in the gaze of the other “and suffers from” narcissism “as a result, reports AFP.

A “worrying determination”

For her part, the Advocate General endeavored to detail the multiple maneuvers of the accused on the evening of the events, underlining in the latter a ” worrying determination “in the commission of a premeditated act, according to the prosecution.

According to the public prosecutor, the forty-year-old, who still presents ” a significant danger “, thus ensured, for example, the cancellation of a neighbor’s visit to his home on the day of the alleged feminicide. In addition, toxicological analyzes carried out as part of the investigation showed that a drug had been poured into two glasses used by the victim.

An overdose of more than 500 drops of Amitriptyline

This preparation was intended to reduce the victim’s resistance capacities. “, estimated the Advocate General, Marie-Charlotte Fiorio, specifying that an overdose of more than 500 drops of Amitriptyline – a painkiller prescribed to the accused after a car accident – had been found in the body of The dosage of this medication, whose sedative effect may be increased by alcohol, is usually limited to 50 drops per day.

For the magistrate, the bits of fabric found in the mouth and on the neck of the accused accredit the thesis of a strangulation with a belt with the introduction of a piece of fabric in his mouth ” to silence her “. According to her, he then burned her body ” just to hide the evidence “.

A first attempted murder in May 2018

Earlier in the morning, the Machiavellianism of the accused had been mentioned by the lawyer for the family of the young dancer. “ You had created your spider’s web and you couldn’t get out of it “, estimated Me Patrick Uzan for whom Mikael Corcessin would be at the origin of an attempted murder of his companion a month before his disappearance.

In May 2018, the young woman woke up in the middle of the night with her head bleeding. The accused claimed that she was injured because of an epileptic fit.

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