3 facts about self-deleting pictures on WhatsApp

Sent images can only be viewed once and are deleted after a few seconds – no, we’re not talking about Snapchat here. Other apps like Instagram and now WhatsApp have also introduced the function. We check what you have to consider!

Pictures and videos delete themselves

You can now choose in WhatsApp whether your sent pictures and videos can be viewed once or several times. If you send them to be viewed once, the photos will not be saved in the chat or in the gallery on the smartphone. In addition, the images cannot then be forwarded to other people.

That happens to your pictures

According to WhatsApp, the function was introduced so that you can better protect your privacy. The function is similar to that of Snapchat, but you should still note the following:

  • Screenshots: The recipient of your pictures / videos can take a screenshot. You don’t notice anything. On Snapchat, for example, you will be informed when recordings are made. WhatsApp does not inform you about screenshots or screen recordings.
  • WhatsApp stores files on the servers: The photos and videos are sent encrypted, but WhatsApp says it saves them on the servers for a few weeks. So the pictures are not completely gone. WhatsApp does not say exactly how long the photos have been on the servers. We are only talking about “a few weeks”.
  • Other users can report your pictures: Pictures and videos that you sent can be reported – even if they disappear after a few seconds. For example, if you’re sending nudes for one-time viewing, keep in mind that the recipient can report it. If that happens, WhatsApp has access to the pictures and videos.
Emojis on a smartphone (Photo: Lena Meerkötter / SR)

Article from 08/04/2021