‘317kg’ Large 30 units in the UK go to hospital with a crane for 7 hours

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After only delivering fast food, a British man who gained weight and became ill was moved out of the house by a large crane to go to the hospital.

According to The Sun on the 20th (local time) daily, Jason Holton, 30, living in Kimberly, Surrey, UK, has been stuck in the house for the past five years to deliver fast food such as kebabs, meat, chocolate, potato chips, sandwiches, orange juice, and soda. I ate only.

Because of the high-calorie food, his weight quickly reached 700 pounds (about 317.5 kg).

As he grew, he was unable to move and leave his own home.

Jason became the’heavy man’ in England after Carl Thompson, who weighed 910 pounds (about 412.7 kg), died in 2015.

Jason, who was classified as’super obesity’ and was living there with two beds connected together, developed lymphedema.

Lymphedema is damage to the lymphatic system, causing swelling in the arms or legs.

Jason, who was large and unable to use the door, had a large crane and 30 firefighters mobilized to get out of the house that day.

Rescuers spent seven hours in a’rescue operation’, removing the window on the third floor of the building where Jason lived, fixing him on a crane, and moving him to the ground.

Jason, who was transferred to the hospital, said in an interview with The Sun, “I gained weight and couldn’t move even a bit after eating.

He was on the big side since childhood, but after joining the delivery app’JustEat’ in 2014, he gained a lot of weight.

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A photo of Jason with his family (Photo = Captured by The Sun's website, Yonhap News)

Jason spent about 30 pounds (about 44,000 won) a day for food, and it amounted to 10,000 pounds (about 14.7 million won) a year.

With so much weight that he couldn’t move his body, Jason couldn’t work and lived with government subsidies worth 310 pounds (460,000 won) a week.

(Photo = Capture of The Sun website, Yonhap News)



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