48% of companies that received loans in a pandemic must be revealed by the head of the Ministry of Economic and Port Development, Enrique Nachón García – El Sol de Orizaba

Xalapa, Ver. The owner of the Secretariat of Economic and Port Development (Sedecop), Enrique Nachón García, revealed that of the 10,000 companies that they helped with loans due to the pandemic, about 52 percent have been paying and the rest are looking for them.

He explained that from the moment the loan was delivered to them, they had eight months of grace and from the ninth month they began to pay a fixed fee of 600 pesos until they reached the 10,000 that were granted.

The rest are being sought to charge, everyone has to be charged, but if at that time they could not pay, their company disappeared, they will have to reconsider going to a governing body where the operating rules are established. This is a social collection, as people commit to pay what they asked for, we can continue to pay“.

He recalled that with the pandemic, micro, small and medium-sized companies were the most affected and that what was possible was given, because “no one is obliged to do the impossible. “

He recalled that the state government allocated 100 million pesos to give loans to micro and medium enterprises with which they could maneuver.

He specified that through the state government 10,000 loans were given to entrepreneurs of 10,000 pesos and that they are in the collection process that, he acknowledged, is very slow.

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“With those 10 thousand pesos they were able to do what they could, we have a company signature and a guarantee signature, if they disappear, what do I do, who do I charge, if the guarantee isn’t there and if the company isn’t there, that It shows us that we must be much more careful, that we have to encourage and support formally established companies that have roots and pay taxes, “he added.