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The first shooting in the Al Noor mosque, in the center of Christchurch, a city of almost 400 thousand inhabitants south of the New Zealand capital, takes place at 1.40 pm, one and 40 in Italy. A man equipped with semiautomatic weapons, resumes live on Facebook the massacre with a camera mounted on the head. In the mosque he shoots indiscriminately at men, women and children from close range. The video begins in an industrial area on Leslie Hills Drive, not far from the Al Noor mosque where the massacre will take place. Drive south on Mandeville Street and Blenheim Road before turning north on Deans Avenue. He reaches the mosque a few minutes later. Park the car in an alley on the side of the building. He leaves, chooses a weapon from the trunk and walks towards the building, where the massacre begins. It's 13:40 local time. Six minutes later, drive along Deans Avenue, around the Botanical Gardens, to Bealey Avenue, where the footage stops. The second attack takes place a little later in the Linwood mosque, east of the city center. In the attack on the mosque Al Noor 41 people die. In the second mosque, in the suburb of Linwood, eight people lose their lives, one dies in hospital from wounds.

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