Friday, 20 Apr 2018

4K TV at Aldi: That is good for the 400-euro television of the discounter

The 4K Terris Vision UHD Smart TV TV at Aldi Süd offers really good equipment at a very fair price of 399 euros: SmartTV, WLAN, Triple Tuner and 4K resolution – everything is on board. Only on 3D rendering renounced the Terris TV, but at this price that is understandable and quite tolerable. We can not say anything about the picture and sound quality because we did not have the device in our test lab. Assessment of Aldi TV: The Aldi TV is a priced attractive offer with really good equipment. We can not comment on the image and sound quality of the Terris Smart TV because it was not in our test lab. You can see the manufacturer information for the Terris Vision UHD Smart TV in the overview. An alternative to Terris’ 48.5-inch 4K TV can be found below.

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