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52% of coffee growers chose their leaders

A total of 26,700 producers in Antioquia out of the 51,280 that were qualified to vote participated in the last coffee elections on September 9, which corresponds to 52% of the departmental electoral census.

After accounting for 100% of the 391 polling stations in 94 municipalities in the region, and after the final validation of the Canvassing Commission, it was learned yesterday that the Antioquian coffee growers elected the representatives of 72 municipal committees of coffee growers (864 leaders ) and departmental committee (12 representatives) to 2022.

Through this process, coffee growers can choose the decision makers of the National Federation of Coffee Growers (FNC) in investment, explained Álvaro Jaramillo, executive director of the Coffee Growers Committee of Antioquia. "The municipal leaders collect the needs of the coffee growers, send them to the departmental committees and these are responsible for approving the investments to be executed".

In turn, the main members of each departmental committee make up the National Congress of Coffee Growers, an entity that traces the whole coffee policy, explained the leader to EL COLOMBIANO.

Through circumscription 1, in the localities of Andes, Betania, Hispania, Ciudad Bolívar and Jardín, they were elected José María Henao (principal); Y Diego Londoño (alternate).

Through constituency 2, which includes the towns of Anzá, Betulia, Caicedo, Concordia, Salgar and Urrao, they were elected Iván Arango which he repeats as principal; Y María Elena Garcés, as substitute. Both integrated a single plate and got 3,473 votes.

With 5,345 votes, they were elected Juan Suárez (main) and Carlos Holguín (substitute) for the constituency 3, made up of 16 municipalities of the Antioquia West.

In circumscription 4, composed of 17 localities in eastern Antioquia, they were elected Luis Alfonso Villegas (main) and Néstor López (alternate) with 3,292 votes.

Further, Jaime Eduardo Vargas Y Luis Guillermo Londoño, only candidates registered by circumscription 5, to which correspond 20 municipalities of the south of the Aburrá Valley and the southwest of Antioquia, were re-elected for the next four years in the Departmental Committee. The only plate of the constituency 6, conformed by 29 coffee populations of the North and Northeast of Antioquia, and integrated by Darío Bernardo Saldarriaga Y Darío by Jesús Serna, they were also reelected.

Throughout the country, 4,596 representatives were elected in 383 municipal committees and 180 members of the 15 departmental committees.

The price of grain and control imports are some of the concerns of producers. Luis Alfonso Villegas, from circumscription 4, He indicated that the coffee growers will meet today with the Ministry of Agriculture to coordinate how much corresponds to each producer of the aid of 100,000 million pesos announced by the Government at the end of August, since the average value of the load of coffee of 125 kilos was paid in Colombia to 705,065 pesos. Today, the price is 702,000 (see Parentheses).

José María Henao, of the constituency 1, stressed that one of the issues that will work is the Coffee Price Stabilization Fund. "We want to review the imports of green coffee from countries such as Ecuador, Peru and Brazil because we must give priority to domestic production," he said.

According to the FNC, the volume produced of the grain in the first eight months of the year was 8.8 million bags, a fall of 2.2% compared to the 9.03 million harvested in the same period of 2017.

"The weather affected the harvest, which should be picked up in October will be delayed, we believe until December," concluded Henao.



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