7-month-pregnant woman dies in Israel, family says reluctant to get vaccine

Osnat Ben Shitrit, 32, mother of four, died in hospital in Jerusalem from Covid-19. The 30 week old fetus could not be saved either. The young woman did not want to be vaccinated

She had not been vaccinated because she feared that the injection would endanger her fetus. Osnat Ben Shitrit died on Saturday evening in a Jerusalem hospital from Covid-19, according to Israelnationalnews.com. Despite the care provided by doctors, the 30-week-old baby, born from an emergency Caesarean section, did not survive.

A mother of four, the 32-year-old woman succumbed to the British variant of the coronavirus, which is now the most virulent in Israel, where more than 4.3 million people, or 48% of the population, have received at least one vaccine dose. Osnat Ben Shitrit, she was worried about the consequences for her baby, while the authorities particularly encourage pregnant women to be vaccinated. Israeli researchers have reportedly discovered that the British strain is more dangerous for women expecting a baby.

The young woman’s mother and sister spoke out to urge Israelis to get vaccinated. It is the same for his brother-in-law, whose statements have found a resounding echo. It must be said that he is one of the animators of a very active anti-tax group on social networks.

“The need to think differently”

“When it arrives in your garden, you understand the need to think differently. Now we understand the cost of the coronavirus, ”he told reporters.

While denouncing a “coercive” vaccination campaign, the activist explained that he had deleted his Facebook group. “I’m not saying you have to do it, but simply, if you want to prevent death in your home, you have the ability, you have the ability to be vaccinated”. Nevertheless, the man is said to remain a member of other anti-vaccine groups.

According to Hebrew media, there are currently 50 pregnant or newborn women hospitalized with Covid-19 in the country. 19 of them are in serious condition and eight are considered to be in critical condition.


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