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9 flash offers not to be missed on Saturday 🔥

The sales period has just begun: Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty and Boulanger fully participate in the operation with thousands of discounts on quality products. After two days of intense promotions, the good plans are always up to scratch but the first stockouts are felt. If you want to benefit from great rates on products, now is the time to enjoy it.

The merchants above like Cdiscount or Amazon are very active on the sales, and the promotions in the detail below will allow you to see what is selling best at the moment. Obviously, the popular products leave very quickly, and you have to be fast to benefit from the best plans. Throughout the day, we will update current flash sales according to the available stock and the quality of offers.

Amazon Sales, Cdiscount: Live Flash Sales

Last updated: 5:30 am, January 12, 2019

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Crazy sales on Amazon and Cdiscount

From one promotion period to another, it is not necessarily the same actors who position themselves. At this moment, we see that Cdiscount is the best online merchant on electronics and appliances. Obviously, during the sales, merchants like Amazon, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger also let talk about their experience and they offer very nice discounts, including this Saturday.

Cdiscount remains a level above and has announced no less than 3 million items for sales this year, sometimes with up to 75% off. These are figures that we see only very rarely. For comparison, Amazon who relied heavily on Black Friday had announced 1 million promo products for this period of discounts. For these winter sales, Cdiscount is therefore far ahead of rivals – and it remains to see if he will manage to keep on the distance. For this first weekend of sales, and this Saturday, he is clearly up to it.

In fact, sales last much longer than any other promotional period. This year, this operation runs from January 9 to February 19, 2019, according to guidelines set by the government. It is he who decides how the balances are handled, and it directly influences the strategy of an Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac. This period is very special since it is the only time where e-traders and traditional traders are allowed to sell their products at a loss. It is therefore logically at this period that we find the highest percentages of reduction.

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What about markdowns during these sales?

Markdowns occur over time and can save even more on its purchases. On stocks that have not been sold, merchants are entitled to apply an even higher discount percentage from one week to the next during sales. Obviously, if the products are unsold, it is because they are not necessarily appreciated by customers. It is certainly not the fashionable products that will be in this case. The latter are on sale at Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty usually disappear after a few days.

Today we are the first Friday of the sales, and it is still a moment where we find very nice promotions on trendy products. From one merchant to another, promotions during sales do not necessarily relate to the same categories of products. For example, electronics and appliances are really featured on Cdiscount. At Amazon, we find all types of categories – the merchant covering the vast majority of products available.

At Cdiscount and Fnac, we find the principle of flash sales during sales. In other words, these are promotions that are punctual and allow to have a further reduction percentage on products. But as their name suggests, they are limited by time and stock. So you have to be very fast and take the chance to get the best discount possible at that time.

How to find Amazon and Cdiscount promos?

Aside from these flash sales, most merchants have unveiled all of the promotional products on the first day of sales, on January 9, 2019. In other words, the further away from this date, the lower the stock will be. Today, for this Saturday sales, stocks have largely weakened. So we are close to the out of stock on many products, knowing that many have already expired since. Today, Friday of the first day of sales, Cdiscount and Amazon still have a lot of promotions available. But after this weekend, do not expect to have as many discounts. Everything is played in the early days, and today is still a strong moment for sales.

When a site like Cdiscount advertises 3 million promotional products, you will imagine that it is very difficult to get by without help. It will be necessary to delve into the depths of the commercial site to find the best current offers for sales. To make your business easier, we decided to keep a list of the most popular products during promotional sales at merchants like Amazon or Cdiscount. As the day, and days, we update it to facilitate research on fashionable products.

In terms of returns, sales do not change the deal: Amazon customers, Cdiscount and others have the right to return their products in a period of 14 days following the purchase, provided they are still in perfect condition. It is not because a customer acquires a product on sale that he is not entitled to return it for lack of satisfaction. This is again a legal obligation on the part of the merchants, they have no choice. But again, the specials leave very quickly, and Amazon and Cdiscount balances will not last at this level of quality.

To see all the sales of Cdiscount this Saturday, it's here:

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