9 tips to avoid getting fat during the winter

The arrival of winter should be cause for attention with weight gain. This is because, on colder days, our body spends more calories to keep warm, thus increasing the desire for foods rich in calories and carbohydrates. In addition, there is a reduction in water consumption, which also contributes to increased appetite.

That way, you need to adopt some care in everyday life to control the impulse to eat and avoid the extra kilos on the scale. Endocrinologist and metabologist Thais Mussi listed some tips that can help with this task. See below:

1. Increase the portion of food

Increase the amount or intake of high-calorie foods at meals. This increases the feeling of satiety and consequently decreases the urge to ′′ pinch ′′ food throughout the day.

2. Do physical activities

It is common for people to reduce physical activity in the winter, which drives weight gain in this period. So, try to keep the exercise routine, even if it’s hard to go out in the cold.

3. Drink water

Consuming adequate amounts of water is also important to keep the body active, prevent dehydration and reduce feelings of hunger.

4. Beware of soups

Winter is a time when people usually consume soups. However, care must be taken with the ingredients in the dish. The ideal is to add a maximum of 4 types of vegetables, a light pasta, a type of meat, and reduce the consumption of cheese.

5. Consume salads

Source of fibers and nutrients, salads should also be part of the diet in winter. So, opt for options that can be braised with olive oil, such as cabbage, spinach, kale and watercress. They are perfect with onions and tomatoes!

6. Attention to pasta consumption

Balance is key to getting through the winter without gaining weight. So avoid eating very caloric dishes like lasagna and pasta all the time.

7. Include porridge in meals

Porridge is a nutritious and delicious food to consume in winter. Just remember to opt for healthy options. Therefore, consume a bowl for breakfast or afternoon snack to increase the feeling of satiety.

8. Invest in hot drinks

Teas and coffees are very welcome in winter. Hot chocolate too, but in smaller quantities or in versions where the milk used is less greasy.

9. Have healthy snacks

Fruits such as bananas and avocados, and oilseeds such as walnuts and chestnuts are a winter snack option, as they are very good for your health. Bet!

Winter increases appetite and boosts weight gain –

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2023-06-07 17:01:00