a Belgian has just been arrested in Italy, he sold illegal subscriptions to nearly 1,900 customers!

Who does not dream of having access to all the television channels… without paying anything? There are football fans who would gorge themselves on English, Italian or Spanish matches. Series lovers who would like to see Netflix’s latest flagship production. There are those who would never miss any film release.

In recent years, fraud in this area has taken hold. In Europe but also at home. It is “enough” to order a small box. They are easily found on the internet with contact addresses that go hand in hand. This little box that you will pay a hundred euros, connected to your television, will allow you to reach the holy grail of television. The person you have contacted will ask you to pay a monthly or annual subscription.

>> All of this is illegal … and can cost you dearly!

>> In Italy, a Belgian sold illegal subscriptions to nearly 1,900 customers: he was arrested.