a cure that contributes to our well-being

Tiredness is often mental and not physical, so keeping our health in balance becomes one of the daily challenges that, unlike what you might think, is not impossible.

Relaxation is a way to control anxiety and stress, it is closely linked to health, physical and emotional well-being. Several studies have shown the benefits of relaxation, among which are: achieving a deeper rest, improving immunity and resistance to diseases, increased energy, increased optimism, greater emotional stability, greater ability to concentrate, Among many others, how can we achieve it and put it into practice?

Find a moment for you

Even if you have pressures from your environment, give priority to this time that is only for you. It can be early in the morning or in the evening. Find a quiet place where no one interrupts you for that time.

Start with breathing exercises and meditation

Correct breathing, that is, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth in a rhythmic and deep way, is essential for relaxation because it increases the supply of oxygen to all organs, including the brain.

For its part, meditation is one of the best techniques to find ourselves and silence those thoughts that do not leave us alone. If you never try to meditate, start small, with a few short five-minute practices and gradually build up. There are many free guided meditations on the Internet.

Other techniques

Walking outdoors, taking a hot bath, taking calming herbal teas that do not contain caffeine, relaxing massages, and doing things that make us feel happy.


Practicing relaxation works if it is done regularly, preferably every day: if it is something that you do sporadically, it is unlikely that you will see all its benefits. Make relaxation an important part of your daily routine, and you will notice a more optimistic state, full of calm, that will help you face the days in a different way.

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