Home Business A Fisher-Price sunbed blamed in the deaths of thirty babies

A Fisher-Price sunbed blamed in the deaths of thirty babies

The US group Mattel announced Friday, April 12 the global recall of 4.7 million baby chairs by the brand Fisher-Price. These are the models released on the Rock'n Play Sleeper model.

This decision, taken as the mark indicates on his Twitter account " in partnership " US Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC) Responds to Warning by US Authorities of Thirty Infant Deaths in Ten Years Due to Transat .

Deaths of babies "who have turned around"

On April 5th, the USCPSC had issued a warning about this product, in which was mentioned at first the death of ten babies since 2015, "After the babies have turned on their stomach or side, without being tied" by the straps of the transat. In agreement with Fisher-Price, the agency then called on consumers to stop using the baby's bed every three months or "From the moment he starts to know how to turn around".

Monday, April 8, it is this time the American consumer protection association Consumer Reports, equivalent on the other side of the Atlantic "60 million consumers", who had questioned the model "Rock'n Play Sleeper", implied by it in the death of"At least 32 babies". And the next day, the American Pediatric Association (AAP) asked the USCPSC to recall the "Rock'n Play Sleeper".

We must stop "immediately" to use this model

On Friday, April 12, the manufacturer and the USCPSC decided by mutual agreement to organize the recall of the product, the USCPSC this time evoking the death no more than ten, but "More than 30 babies" since 2009, when the model was put on the market. The joint announcement is accompanied by a request to parents of infants with this model to stop "Immediately use it".

"We maintain that our products are safe, however, Mattel, parent company of Fisher-Price, writes in a press release on Friday, April 13th. However, due to incidents reported in cases where the product was used without following the safety warnings and instructions for use, we decided to voluntarily recall " the loungers.

Manufacturers of baby diapers summoned to eliminate certain chemicals



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