A Gulf summit between the island and Ahli with an Asian flavor

A Gulf summit between the island and Ahli with an Asian flavor

Al-Jazeerah are looking forward to winning to take the lead when hosts Ahly Jeddah on Saturday evening at the Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium in the sixth round of the first group of the AFC Champions League. The two teams have qualified to the Round of 16 since last round, where Ahli Jeddah leads the group with 11 points, While the island has 8 points in second place. Al-Jazira is currently looking for a second goal for Al-Jazira, who is also missing Al-Ahli for Brazilian striker Klaudemir’s injury. The Dutch coach Tin Katt confirmed that he aspires to qualify for the round of 16 as the leaders of the first group, which is Massey if he wins in the case of winning a goal or two goals difference on the Saudi guest, noting that his team was not losing the first match in Jeddah and was a point on And the chances that he lost, and that the rival Al Ahli team is good and disciplined tactically and has strong physical players, and the island to be at the top of the turquoise and I hope that the scenario today differs from the first game. For his part, the Ukrainian coach Sergey Ripirov said that the meeting of the island is of great importance because it is a struggle for the lead. He pointed out that the team lost the Saudi league title last week. However, it must be forgotten and seriously enter the game in order to maintain the top of the group because the front is better than Second place . Related Articles

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