A kiss broke out between two girls, according to the Media Council, it is dangerous for children under the age of 12

Problems were identified at the last meeting of the Media Council of the National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH), which we highlight for the sake of our readers. Here is the Australian youth series The Diving Club, which follows the story of a group of teenage divers who are looking for their friend who disappeared after a cyclone.

Episode 7 of the series available on Netflix (Mary Celeste) is available with a rating of 7+, but according to the Media Council – based on its content – it should not be made available with an age rating not recommended for those under 12 years of age, and this should be clearly displayed on the interface containing the program offer . The Media Council will notify the Dutch co-authority with jurisdiction over Netflix about this.

We looked at the content of the episode, but the clickbait description didn’t help much:

The girls have a sad celebration, Stevie tells the truth, and Izzie realizes something that changes her mind. Later, Anna is freed.

We have skimmed through the section, wondering what it might contain, which makes it not recommended to watch it under the age of 12. The usual thrills are present in the rest of the series, so what?

  • Is the celebration unbearably sad?
  • Is the truth spoken by Stevie cruel?
  • Does Izzie come across as rude?
  • Is Anna’s release chilling?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t really revealed, so we can only think of one thing, the scene in which the main character girls first hug each other, then maybe kiss in the dark, after which their mouths move away from each other like this:

Following a report, the authority investigated the “Attack on the White House 2 – Siege of London“, which the media provider classified as not recommended for children under the age of twelve, but according to the Media Council, based on the violence and obscenity of the film, the category not recommended for children under the age of 16 is the correct category, and it could only have been shown between 21:00 and 05:00.

“”A prisoner is a prisoner“, due to the violent scenes, the depiction of sexuality and the vulgar language, also justifies the broadcast after 9:00 p.m., in addition to the 4:00 p.m. time slot.

Based on a citizen’s report, the Media Council investigated the Real World 11. season. The board had previously informed the competent Luxembourg media authority of violations of the 24-hour live broadcast available on RTL Kettő channel and RTL+ online service, and requested the necessary measures to be taken. As a result of the latest official inspections, additional violations of the law have occurred in connection with the summaries of ValóVilág broadcast on February 14 and 16, according to Hungarian rules:

  • human dignity, rules prohibiting self-serving, harmful presentation of vulnerable persons, as well as
  • violation of provisions on the protection of minors

was realized in the program numbers. In addition, infringement also occurred in live online content: the tools and visual effects of the reality genre used by the media provider

they violate human dignity.

The Media Council notifies the competent Luxembourg co-authority of new violations arising under the Hungarian regulations and requests the necessary measures to be taken, who must inform the Media Council of the results achieved within two months, or if they have not been able to find a solution, explain the reason. If the Member State with jurisdiction does not act within the deadline, or the results achieved are inadequate, the Media Council can take action against the offending media provider.