A little girl invited Prince George to a birthday party, Katalin personally responded to the invitation

An amazingly sweet story is going around the world, which is connected to a brave 6-year-old girl and her birthday party: it happened that the young girl invited none other than Prince George to her party. Well, the inquiry was answered by Princess Katalin herself, which no one expected…

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The 9-year-old Prince George is already stealing the hearts of young ladies one by one, which is not surprising, since Elizabeth’s great-grandson inherited his mother’s great genes and his father’s charm, and to this comes his smile and radiance, and of course his rank, because one day he will become the king of the United Kingdom, because George is 3rd in the line of succession to the British throne by birth. Well, the amazingly sweet story that has been going around the world these days is a great proof of our previous statement: it turned out that an invitation addressed to György had recently arrived, sent to him by a six-year-old girl who invited the prince to her birthday party. To the invitation, György’s mother, Katalin, personally sent the girl a response letter, which no one expected, not even the birthday child’s mother. On the next page, we will tell you what Katalin answered!

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