A Little Incontinence, And Why It Pays To Pick The Tricky Question: This Was ‘The Smartest Human Being’

Youth language vs. old language, the difficult question of the cute Mona and Jelle Cleymans who don’t seem to know everything about… Jelle Cleymans. This was Thursday’s ‘Smartest person in the world’.

Thursday 15 September 2022 at 22:15

Thursday night’s winner:

Singer and actor Jelle Cleymans.

The loser:

Former StuBru presenter and now podcast creator Lisa Smolders.

The Newcomer Monday:

Actress Joke Emmers.

Best quotes:

Bart: “I practiced on the app, one of the questions was: What do you know about Jelle Cleymans? Jelle: “I also had that question and I didn’t know everything.” Bart: “How so? I knew everything!” jelle: “The fifth answer was ‘Cleymans and Van Geel’, I didn’t think of that.”

Sven de Leijerasked about ‘youth language’ in Romance hotel: “Each age category has its own jargon. I noticed in the participants that they tailor their language to the physical defects they have. For example, it is apparently common knowledge among incontinent people that if they have a ­ongelukske have, they say: it happened.”

After a question about New Zealand, to which it is a 26-hour flight, Eric asks who has flight shame. Bart: “I only fly once a year, I made that promise to myself.” jelle: “Yes, it is. I haven’t flown in three years now.”

Barbara: “I have a lot of trouble with that too. I recently started flying privately.”

The most beautiful moment:

Lisa is given a choice: an easy question from Nora Gharib or a difficult question from the cute Mona. Because Lisa grants the girl the question, she still gets the easy option as a reward: the names of the Teletubbies. Good for 80 seconds. (evdg)

The standings

1 Jonas Geirnaert (8 episodes)

2 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)

3 Jelle Cleymans (4 episodes)

4 Eva DeRoo (3 episodes)

5 Gert Verhulst (2 episodes)