a lucky one wins in quick succession 11,000 then 500,000 euros

It was his week. In mid-June, a lucky man living in the suburb of Valenciennes, in Hauts-de-France, first pocketed 11,000 euros in the trifecta, then five days later, the grail: 500,000 euros with a scratching ticket, the X20, the maximum sum, reports France bleu Hauts-de-France.

According to our colleagues, the lucky one, aged about sixty and six months from retirement, is a “serial winner”: crazy about games of chance since he was 16, he has accumulated large amounts of winnings (cash, but also a car during a draw …) to such an extent that, for six months, he has not had to go to his bank account …

What’s his secret?

Moreover, less than two weeks after having touched his check for half a million euros in the bar where he has his habits, in Marly, he tried his luck again … and still had a happy hand – but on a smaller scale. His secret?

First, it abandons games at one or two euros for those who can bring in big (up to 500,000 euros) such as Cash with its stars or the X20 and its bundles of tickets, each sold for 5 euros. Each time, he asks to be served in the middle of the pile, which increases his chances of falling well, according to him.

With his jackpot, the man plans to give a car to his daughter and another to his sister. If he wants to go on a trip, he has so far only changed his cell phone, broken, and organized a meal with his relatives to celebrate his double windfall, washed down with champagne. He wants to keep a cool head: he comes from a modest background and knows the value of money …

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