A new feature in the upcoming “Apple” operating system will absolve you from proving that you are a “robot”

The upcoming iOS 16 operating system for Apple devices has many exciting features, including an exemption from an unpopular test for many users around the world.
iOS 16 may help avoid a CAPTCHA test, which stands between the user and some website logins, and which falls under the popular heading “To prove you’re not a robot,” according to McRoomers.

The new feature works by activating the “Apple” user’s automatic verification feature, so that sites that support this will use the cloud system “iCloud” to verify the “Apple” ID of the user and the device he is using, and he will provide a “token” to prove that you are trustworthy and “not a robot.” .
And with the new feature in iOS 16, users won’t have to enter ambiguous text, or click on pictures of traffic lights, just to show they’re human.
Apple promises that it will not share with these sites any sensitive personal data associated with a user’s account, such as an email address or phone number, nor will it track a user’s IP address.

The iOS 16 operating system offers great advantages in artificial intelligence and communication, in addition to updating the lock screen in a way that gives iPhone users a new experience.
The new Apple operating system provides new features in messaging, mail, and iCloud photo library, as well as better features in live text and visual search.
The iOS 16 operating system is expected to be announced during the fall, in mid-September, in conjunction with the announcement of the new iPhone 14 phones.