A new operating theater for the Marche-en-Famenne hospital

The mayor of Marche spoke in a press release. “With this approval to build a new operating theater with six rooms, the Pan Director of Vivalia for the Marche hospital is beginning its 2nd phase, after the construction of B6: a decisive phase for the future of the clinic. I am particularly happy to thank the members of the executive bureau, from all parties, who took this decision on Tuesday afternoon.

The current operating theater at the Marche hospital is more than 30 years old and it no longer corresponds ideally to the practice of modern medicine, not to mention that it is saturated.

This new investment, in addition to being a powerful tool that will provide additional time for operations, is the cornerstone that should allow the continuation of the application of the Master Plan. Other stages are in fact planned by the intermunicipal company, staggered over time. Moving the operating theaters to this new block was an essential prerequisite because it will free up space and pave the way for the renovation and reconditioning of other care units.

Next, this new operating theatre, with two rooms which will be used for the day hospital, is a sign of the Vivalia authorities’ confidence in the medical profession and constitutes an additional attraction for welcoming new specialists.

With this decision, which still has to be approved by the supervisory authorities, the executive office of Vivalia is providing substantial assistance to the proper functioning of the Marche hospital and to the quality of health care. »