A well-known doctor warned when it can not be taken and what are the consequences of using this drug.

The famous doctor Alexander Myasnikov told about the features of a popular medicine and explained when this drug can become extremely dangerous and even life threatening.

According to the doctor, paracetamol stands apart in a series of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, cold and antipyretic drugs. It occupies a special place due to the specificity of exposure and side effects.

It was created over 120 years ago. But he still remains one of the most popular drugs. Many drugs can not be taken for heart disease and after 65 years. Paracetamol remains the only salvation for such people, possessing the necessary properties without unnecessary risks. In addition, paracetamol is a good substitute for children forbidden to them aspirin.

And yet, despite the mass of positive properties, paracetamol can be dangerous to human health and life. And this is due to the effect of the drug on the liver: therefore, paracetamol can not be combined with alcohol and drink from a hangover. In addition, this medicine is forbidden to be taken as an anesthetic more often than 15 times a month – in this case, it can provoke a medical headache.

But the main danger of paracetamol Myasnikov called his overdose, which the patient himself may not be aware of. After all, this drug is contained in dozens of drugs (in the Russian Federation about 180 drugs containing paracetamol are registered). And it often happens that a sick person drinks several different drugs (tablets, powders, "pops"), each of which contains paracetamol.

The doctor recalled that medicines for flu and colds in bags contain 300-500 mg of paracetamol. Every sick person should consider the amount of the drug taken in order to avoid serious complications.


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