A project partnership agreement intended to strengthen cooperation between UNESCO and CONFEMEN for the implementation of education projects

The Director of the UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office for West Africa (Sahel), Mr. Dimitri Sanga, and Professor Abdel Rahamane Baba-Moussa, Secretary General of the Conference of Ministers of Education of States and Governments de la Francophonie (CONFEMEN), signed a partnership agreement on April 29, 2021.

This UNESCO-CONFEMEN partnership agreement marks a new effort in a context disrupted by the pandemic where countries have developed strategies to ensure school continuity by strengthening teaching-learning systems. The fields of common interest of UNESCO and CONFEMEN concerning education are numerous. The complementarity of the initiatives at the national and international levels will be ensured, as expressed by the Director Mr. Sanga, by strengthening the various types of partnerships in order “to act more, to act together, to act for all for a quality education”. For his part, the Secretary General, Mr. Baba Moussa explained how important it is, in fact, “to act together to ensure educational continuity”.

CONFEMEN is an important partner of UNESCO, therefore, several activities, among others, are already underway such as the regional platform for distance learning Imaginecole, or an advocacy document on preschool. The partnership is also implemented through the project Learning resources, funded by the French Development Agency. This project is intended to be multi-country and multi-partner in order to strengthen political dialogue, the sharing of experiences as well as expertise in national policies and strategies to improve pupils’ access to quality educational resources. Consequently, this partnership between UNESCO and CONFEMEN is today more than ever of decisive importance with regard to educational issues in sub-Saharan Africa.