A significant increase in the prices of food products and juices in Egypt.. Know the price difference before and after the increase

Al-Marsad newspaper: The head of the Foodstuff Division in Egypt, Hazem Al-Menoufy, revealed the increase in the prices of some canned dairy products, explaining the new prices, as the price of Nestle yogurt became 5 pounds instead of 2.5 pounds per package.

The price of Nestlé yogurt 170 grams from 6 pounds to 8.5 pounds, an increase of 2.5 pounds, the price of Nestle small yogurts from 6 pounds to 9.5 pounds, an increase of 3 pounds, the price of Nestle large yogurts from 11 pounds to 16 pounds, an increase of 5 pounds, and the Nestle fruit yogurts from 4.5 pounds. pounds to 5.75 pounds, an increase of one pound.

As the Foodstuff Division revealed earlier, a number of food items increased at the beginning of this month, such as dairy, some types of cheese, yogurt, yogurt and instant drinks.

The division said that the prices of Juhayna packaged milk increased from 18 to 20.5 pounds per liter, and from 8 to 8.5 pounds per liter, and for one kilo of goodness from 15 to 15.75 pounds.

While the price of President Triangle cheese increased from EGP 18 to EGP 25, the Triangles Tohme cheese rose from EGP 10 to EGP 14, and the small size cheese kebabs increased from EGP 28 to 40, and the larger size from EGP 43 to EGP 60, and Zabado increased its price from 11 to 12 pounds.