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Home Entertainment A special live broadcast on the "LOL League" on Friday

A special live broadcast on the "LOL League" on Friday

Daphne Bürki animates "I love you, etc." on France 2. – Gilles Gustine

This is a first for I love you, etc. Exceptionally this Friday, the Daphne Bürki show on France 2 will be broadcast live. From 3 pm, online harassment and social media excesses will be at the heart of this special issue.

A subject that has been particularly mentioned in recent days in the media following the revelations about the "LOL League". Members of this private Facebook group, which brought together a number of journalists, harassed men and, most importantly, women, on the Internet for several years as early as 2009.

The show will take stock of this case and its consequences. One of the victims of the "League of LOL", the scientific popularizer Florence Porcel, will deliver her testimony.

The issue of porn revenge and, more broadly, those of cyberstalking will be discussed for a little over an hour. Mounir Majhoubi, Secretary of State for Digital, will be the main guest of the show and will be called to react to these topics.

"I should have complained"

On Sunday, Mounir Majhoubi had "invited the victims [de la « Ligue du LOL »] to make public the facts, even prescribed, and for those not prescribed to file a complaint. "It's the story of losers, guys who were gurgling at being able to make fun of other people. Except that these jokes had an impact in the real world, "he tweeted.

Daphné Bürki, she recalled on Monday on Twitter an exchange she had in 2012, behind the scenes of "Grand Journal", with the journalist Vincent Glad, creator of the "Ligue du LOL": "I was being harassed and threatening death on Twitter. I asked him what to do. He replied: "Leave it, do not complain, it's useless. To be trolled is the rule. Today, I understand why better. I should have made a complaint. "


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