A Statue of Liberty departing from Le Havre to join her big sister in the United States

The French replica left Paris for the Norman port, where it will set sail between June 19 and 21. Expected arrival in New York on July 4 for the American National Day.

Already 135 years since the Statue of Liberty in New York, has become an essential symbol, in the United States and around the world. On July 4, his little sister should settle for a while on Ellis Island, the island facing Liberty Island. Departure this Monday from Paris, direction Le Havre, where it will then join the United States by boat.

A gesture that should serve, according to The Sunday Journal , to strengthen ties between France and the United States. If several replicas of the illustrious statue are in Paris, the one currently on display at the Museum of Arts and Crafts will make the crossing. A work of 2.83 meters from the end of the 19th centurye century, much smaller than the original model of 92 meters high and 225 tons sculpted by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, helped for the internal metal structure by Gustave Eiffel. The replica was made by the Fonderie d’Art Susse-Fondeur from a 3D scan of the 1878 plaster model used by the Bartholdi.

Double symbol of freedom and welcome

Leaving this Monday, June 7 from Paris, towards Le Havre, the date had not been chosen at random, since it is the day after the anniversary of D-Day, the day of the Normandy landings. “The statue is placed in a sarcophagus, itself strapped in a container equipped with a box to geolocate it, ensure that the doors are closed and control the temperature“, explained to AFP Damien Denizot, deputy director of communication for the French shipowner CMA-CGM, which finances transport from Paris to Washington.

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The statue will leave the Norman port between June 19 and 21 aboard the Tosca, before disembarking in time for July 4, the symbolic day of the American national holiday. She will be welcomed on Ellis Island, facing her big sister for about ten days, before taking the road to the gardens of the French Embassy in Washington. It will be inaugurated there on July 14, the day of the French national holiday. She should stay there for ten years.

A slightly crazy idea born in 2019, from the meeting between the French ambassador to the United States, Philippe Étienne, and the general administration of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, Olivier Baron. Their objective is then to find a way to promote French heritage abroad, and the Statue of Liberty quickly comes to mind. “We wanted to reconnect with this Franco-American story. This statue is a double symbol of freedom but also of welcome., explained Philippe Etienne. The original statue had indeed been offered to the United States on the occasion of the hundred years of their Declaration of Independence and then finally inaugurated in 1886, before becoming a symbol for all the immigrants who arrived by boat in New York in the hope for a fresh start.

The objective is also toto pay tribute to all those who, on both sides of the Atlantic, made it possible to erect the Statue of Liberty and who fought for what it symbolizes throughout the world“, confided the two men to the JDD. And to reassure the French, they will still be able to contemplate the various replicas of the statue, including that of the Luxembourg Garden in Paris, or that of Nice inaugurated in 2014 on the quay of the United States.

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