Dr. Alaa Abdul-Halim Marzouq, Governor of Qalyubiya, organized a surprise inspection tour on Sunday to check the quality of the services provided, meet the citizens, talk to them, listen to their problems and observe the cleanliness of the streets,

The Governor began the tour by inspecting the Arabian Silo Silos Project, which consists of 18 silos at a cost of LE 250 million. It is expected to be completed by 2019/9/30, where he instructed the executioners to pay the work and delivery on time.

Al-Hafiz also inspected Lake Arab Al-Oweilaat, ordered the removal of all garbage and garbage disposal on the shore of the lake, and inspected the streets of the city. He stressed the need to follow up the system of lifting garbage on the streets, removing garbage on a daily basis and not leaving any accumulations that distort the civilized appearance of the city. Traffic to work on traffic management, especially in public fields, to reduce the burden on citizens.


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