a very bad idea for Kevin Durant

In the show Detail south ESPN, Kevin Durant returned to the strategic aspect of the last finals between the Heat and the Lakers. For him, make a zone when LeBron James and Rondo region are together on the field is not an option as the passing qualities of both players will be able to endanger the defense. If this option worked relatively very well for Miami throughout the rest of the playoffs, it was much less the case against the Lakers who with these two players, have two brains with impressive basketball IQ. To realize this, just look at the extract below.

Here’s one thing I’m going to tell you: If you have Rajon Rondo and LeBron James on the floor at the same time and you put up a zone defense, they’ll watch what happens and then wait for you to react so to be able to deliver caviar. ” Kevin Durant

The pictures do not deceive. The former Celtics point guard was also very aware, even before he could experience his association with the King on the floors, that it would make sparks.

“I believe it was in 2017 when LeBron lost to the Warriors. At that point, I was like, ‘If I had been with a guy like LeBron, there’s no way a team would beat us 4 times before we beat them 4 times.’ I was thinking about the mental aspect, analyzing matches, studying the guys, their tendencies, seeing how to dominate mentally on the floor because for me basketball is above all mental rather than physical. I prepare as if I was going to play chess. If I can get two strokes ahead of Mike (Malone) or Jimmy (Butler) then it’s fucked up for them. If I was on the pitch with LeBron James, I felt like it would be impossible for a team to beat us on a series. ” Rondo

It is clear that the playmaker was right. Here is a more in-depth analysis of Guillaume


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