A woman who called for rescue with a kitchen knife stuck in her nose… Husband who perpetrated “It’s just a couple fight”

A Russian woman who miraculously survived after her husband’s knife went deep into her nose. (Taken from the New York Post)

A Russian man in his 60s wields a knife and stabs his wife in the face with a knife.

According to the New York Post on the 23rd (local time), a woman (60) ran out to the street with a knife stuck in her nose on the 19th in a street in Krasnodar, Russia, and asked for help.

Local residents who saw Mr. A called the police and paramedics, and were immediately taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the weapon. A spokesperson for the local health ministry explained to the local media, “As soon as the patient was hospitalized, he was transferred to the operating table, and the operation lasted 60 minutes.”

There are large wounds in the nose and sinuses that require continuous treatment, but fortunately, it is known that there is no life-threatening injury.

His husband (64) was identified as the perpetrator who wielded a weapon at Mr. A. It was found that the husband had an argument with his wife while drinking alcohol at home, and wielded the weapon while holding a 10-inch (approx.

The Russian Commission of Investigation said, “The perpetrator’s crime was only attempted because the victim ran out to the street to ask for help.”

It is said that the husband made a statement about the situation at the time to the effect that “it was a marital fight.” Russian investigative authorities are conducting an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of the crime.

(Seoul = News 1)