Abdul Hafeez representative of Al Ahli in the draw of the Arab Championship


Said Abdel Hafiz, director of football club Ahli that he will attend the draw of the Arab championship, which has not been determined so far.
Abdel-Hafeez said that Al-Ahly received a letter from the Arab Union asking to specify the name of the representative of Al-Ahly, who will attend the draw of the Arab championship.
Al-Ahli club has decided to choose Sayed Abdel Hafeez to attend the draw of the Arab Championship, which will be announced later.
Egypt, Al-Ahly, Zamalek, Ismaili and Al-Masry will play Egypt next to Al Ittihad of Alexandria and the tournament will start in August.
The Arab Championship will be held in its new edition with the participation of 32 teams and the prizes were awarded to the 6 million dollars for the team that will achieve the title.
Find out the dates of the Arab Championship in its new version


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