About dropping out of school | The Journal of Quebec

I am reacting to the latest statistics which say that there are more and more school dropouts in Quebec. The pandemic seems to have accentuated the phenomenon it seems! But damn it! Where are the parents of these young people who drop out? Are they so oblivious and heartless to give a damn about the dreadful future that awaits their young people?

I dare tell them all that if their parents don’t love them, society loves them and respects them. Especially since they are our future. I know what I’m talking about because I had parents who were indifferent to my education. But that was at another time. “Hey young people, find the will and the fighting spirit necessary to hang up as quickly as possible. Do like me and good luck! “


It is possible for parents to bear part of the responsibility for dropping out of their children. But contrary to what you seem to believe, a 2018 Léger poll reveals that “The majority of students (69%) believe that perseverance in school is a responsibility shared between the individual and the community, but that society does not. quite. “

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