“Accepts c…” : l'attacker of NKM says that'it'has caused

“Accepts c…” : l'attacker of NKM says that'it'caused

Vincent Debraize, 55, mayor of the small town of Champignolles in Normandy, alleged perpetrator of Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, will be heard on 11 July for acts of violence and outrage on a person charged with a public service mission”.

Placed in custody Saturday, he “has acknowledged that he insulted” the candidate LR, defeated in legislative elections in Paris, but has challenged “any physical contact,” according to a source close to the investigation.

The dispute dates back to last Thursday. According to the story of a photographer of the AFP, NKM distributing leaflets on the market of the place Maubert in the Fifth arrondissement when a man took her to send him in the face, treating of the “bobo de merde”.

“at that moment, she protects, she puts her hand in front of his face to protect himself and the flyers, hitting his hand in a manner quite violent, she received her own hand in his face,” Geoffroy Van der Hasselt


“Bodo” right, “not” bobo de merde”

Photographed at the scene, Vincent Debraize had been identified on the basis of testimonies and through the surveillance footage. He went himself to the calling of the police officers in charge of the investigation. “He recognized that he had insulted NKM, having snatched the leaflets and have them thrown in his direction. On the other hand, he denies any physical contact and have pushed” the candidate LR as the latter asserts, ” according to a source close to the investigation.

in addition, the mayor of Champignolles “acknowledges having said to bobo on the right, but not bobo of shit, adds his lawyer, Me. Lachenaud, who therefore feels that it is “no insults”. His client is accusing the other hand NKM of having “provoked” in him “whispering exudes asshole” twice.

The lawyer has even gone further claiming that his client believes that by the time it falls, there is a “true simulation” and that it “sketch a smile“.

also, Vincent Debraize “does not exclude a complaint,” according to its board, because it would have “been chased and threatened by three individuals” in the subway, which one would have “ripped his shirt”.

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