KABUL, Afghanistan – After more than a year in exile, General Abdul Rashid Dostum returned to his homeland Afghanistan on Sunday for being charged with rape and kidnapping, allegations of brutality, human rights abuses and the murder of his first wife.

General Dostum also remains the country's first vice president.

An official government delegation met him at Kabul International Airport on Sunday, and despite the charges against him, they gave him a safe passage – not to jail, but to his home, in an agreement negotiated by President Ashraf Ghani, according to Afghan officials was after the widespread protests and unrest among its Uzbek fellow travelers.

Thousands of followers of General Dostum gathered in front of his vice presidential office in downtown Kabul to aid his return. "He is a leader who has millions of followers," said Mullah Mohammad Qasim. "All these allegations against him are groundless lies."

Shortly after General Dostum's entourage left the airport, a suicide bomber exploded on the heavily guarded roundabout at the airport entrance, killing 11 and wounding 40 others, including security officials, according to health officials and police officers.

He said he had beaten General Dostum when he refused to marry the general's girlfriend, whom he described as a 15-year-old girl, to offer Dostum a discreet way to see her. General Dostum already had two women who did not agree that he would take a third, Faizi said.

Angered by the refusal of Mr. Faizi, General Dostum, with the help of his bodyguard, repeatedly raped Mr. Faizi for several days, he said and finally chained him to his lip – the scar is still visible – inside the wall of a truck container. Mr. Faizi said that after a C.I.A. Team won its publication in 2013; He later fled the country.

Mr. Faizi also accused General Dostum of killing his first wife, Khadija, as well as numerous rape of political opponents and underage boys and girls. "I know who killed him and when and where he laid the bodies," he said.

While some diplomats and government officials have confirmed Mr. Faizi's report on how he was treated by General Dostum, there is no independent confirmation of his charges of numerous other rapes and murders.

The episode in which Mr. Ishchi participated was not until November 2016, and Mr. Ishchi made a public statement that he was raped by Dostum's bodyguards by order of the general. In the interview, Mr. Ishchi claimed that General Dostum had attempted to rape him, but was unable to physically carry out the act. Instead, photos were taken to simulate the rape to humiliate Mr. Ishchi.

Akbar Bai, head of the Turkish Council of Afghanistan, a group representing Uzbeks and others speaking Turkish, was reportedly attacked by General Dostum. He telephoned Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, where he has business interests, an attack reported by a US Embassy cable published by WikiLeaks, calling the cable "the last of Dostum's drunken seizures by challenging his feudal authority. "

This American diplomatic cable also reported that General Dostum beat the first deputy chairman of his Junbesh party, Mohammad Ismael Munshi, in 2007, resulting in "several broken bones and severe head injuries."

"This thug has caused the murder of hundreds of thousands of people since the time of the Communists and has raped many people, men, women, even young girls and boys," Mr. Bai said. "Today he is the second man in the country, this person is the greatest butcher and criminal in the world, he should not be free – he should be housed in The Hague."

The first wife of General Dostum, Khadija, was killed more than 20 years ago. Mr. Faizi, the former chauffeur, said he was on duty one night when the wife caught General Dostum having sex with a minor girl. After a bitter argument between the couple, Mr. Faizi said, General Dostum drove off, leaving one of his bodyguards to "take care of them."

Later he called him in the walkie-talkie and said, "It's done, the mission was done as directed," Mr. Faizi said, and when they returned to the family home, Khadija was shot dead with an AK-47 and by mistake, she was the mother of the four oldest of General Dostum's nine children.

Mr. Faizi claimed that General Dostum's personal secretary, Jalil Sarbaz, had called him in Austria and threatened his family when talking to the news media about the Uzbek leader.

Mr Sarbaz denies that, however. "We have no contact with him," he said. "His claims are not true, what he says is a lie."

Brian Glyn Williams, a professor at the University of Massachusetts, who wrote a generally admiring biography of General Dostum, "The last warlord, "she raised the question of how she had died during an interview with his subject." It was almost dangerous. He got angry and stormed off the table and did not come back for a week, "Mr. Williams said.

General Dostum denied being behind her death, and finally told his version of the events, the author said: The general told him that Khadija had been cleaning her house where several AK-47s were hidden. She accidentally stumbled with a broom behind a refrigerator, said General Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams wrote about the general's report: "As the gun caught on its broom and fell sideways to it, a spool behind the refrigerator released the trigger of the deadly automatic weapon, he said, and it went off with a blast from the refrigerator and fired several shots that made Khadija and her servants scream in panic. "When Khadija jumped away, she was shot in the chest." Twice.

General Dostum's spokesmen have dismissed all allegations against him as mixtures of his political opponents.

Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj called Mr. Ishchi's rape charge absurd and said it was "a completely false claim."

"At that age, the general – a respected person, the first vice president – and Ishchi, also a 60-year-old who accepts wisdom and logic that he would rape him?" Mr Tahyanj said.


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