African School for Peace looks at healing inner wounds

The censor of the Walia literary high school, Andakeizou Ahouna, indicated that he attaches importance to the notion of peace. He urged the students to be ambassadors of peace and to convey the message of peaceful cohabitation between the students themselves, between the students and the teachers as well as the administration.

Coordinator Moudeina Vassou revealed that the African School for Peace is an organ of the Peace Foundation. Its mission is to help all of humanity rewrite history in its existence. Its mission is also to bring men and women of all ages to become aware of the existence of the inner wounds that upset and disorient the individual in social life.

The panelists took turns to cite the causes of inner wounds, including rejection, humiliation, disappointment, injustice, betrayal and so many others, while discussing the consequences and possible remedies (forgiveness).

The values ​​of the organization are humanity, love, commitment and responsibility. Its objectives are to make known the inner wounds and voices that torture victims, to evoke their consequences and to share tools for identification, treatment and liberation.

The peaceful foundation is officially and legally recognized in 8 African countries namely Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Central African Republic and Chad.

The instruments of action for the peaceful foundation are: the African School for Peace (EAP), the Academy of Vigilantes (AVAH), the Social Clinic for Integral Healing (CSGI) and the International Scientific Committee of the EAP (CSI-EAP).

The training includes 25 modules divided into three cycles, namely: the 1st cycle, the training of international ambassadors; the 2nd cycle, monitoring and social counselling, and the 3rd cycle, instructor and treatment of inner wounds.

For the coordinator Moudeina Vassou, succeeding in this mission requires the support of the Chadian authorities, United Nations bodies and companies.

The coordination intends to train 50 peace ambassadors at Walia high school.