after his large victory at Le Havre, Philippe finds himself in a strong position

His teams feared a second round “ tight “. In March, Édouard Philippe had recorded 43% of the votes in Le Havre. It has not happened. The prime minister triumphs with a score of 58.8% in a city which traditionally votes on the left in national elections. The tenant of Matignon was in the running against the Communist deputy Jean-Paul Lecoq. “ Here, in Le Havre, we are happy, declared Édouard Philippe, barely the results known, surrounded by his running mate in the main staircase of the town hall. We are going to celebrate this victory. We will salute the commitment of all those who were candidates, in Le Havre or elsewhere. »

Jubilant inwardly, his voice calm, the winner of the ballot box, however, suppressed his emotion. “ It is both an act of trust and an exceptional responsibility that must be taken very seriously and that of course we will all take very seriously. “, He added, without giving any clue about his political future. Hailing his campaign team, Édouard Philippe promised to work to develop a “ gentler city “And” greener », Like an echo of the national environmentalist wave.

Concerned that his victory is not tarnished by the level of abstention and concerned about the climate of the countryside in Le Havre, where false leaflets were distributed in the home stretch, Édouard Philippe concluded his intervention by stressing that “ choices are made by those who travel to vote and those who are elected must then be responsible for conducting public affairs. It is an important element in a democracy and it is good that at regular intervals it can be recalled ».

Édouard Philippe must therefore have the question of his retention in Matignon settled quickly to know whether or not he is running for the post of chief magistrate of the city.

A pillar of the majority

Crowned by his management of the health crisis and by his large victory in his stronghold, the Prime Minister now finds himself in a position of strength before meeting, this Monday, the Head of State – Emmanuel Macron called his Prime Minister on Sunday evening to congratulate him. This is the traditional weekly tête-à-tête between the two heads of the executive at the Elysee. Except that this June 29, the summit meeting is about to take on a much more serious color. “ The Prime Minister will resign on Monday or Tuesday, it will go very quickly, thinks he knows a pillar of the majority. The calendar imposes this acceleration because the city council of Le Havre must meet no later than Sunday to elect its mayor. Édouard Philippe must therefore have the question of his retention in Matignon settled quickly to find out whether or not he is running for the post of chief magistrate of the city. “There is no question, in fact, of accumulating the hats of prime minister and mayor, warns those around him.

The week which begins promises to be crucial for the future of Édouard Philippe. “ The president has the cards in hand », Recalls a Matignon advisor. Exactly, Emmanuel Macron must choose between two opposing strategies: either keep Édouard Philippe, the strong man of the moment. Or upset the entire government cast, thanks to a social and ecological change of the bar. “ Emmanuel Macron knows who I am, what I embody, what I can do and what I cannot do. If he thinks someone else is more helpful, I will respect his choice in all fairness », Explained Édouard Philippe in an interview with Paris-Normandy. But divorces rarely go smoothly. “ If Emmanuel Macron separates from his prime minister, he should not be humiliated in the process, because it is a man, Édouard, who has his pride … », Slips a minister.

If he was removed from the government, Édouard Philippe could then dream of recourse, in the event of a Macron candidacy stalled in 2022. “ It would be an unfair outcome deplores, bitter, an early macronist. The main difficulties of this five-year term, to whom do we owe them? The APL, the 80 km / h, the carbon tax, the financial balance of the pension reform… We owe them to Édouard Philippe, not to the Head of State! »


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