After incidents in Vienna and Linz: in 2022 eight children fell out of the window – Austria

A Viennese boy came to a hospital.
© APA / Barbara Gindl (Symbol image)

This week in Vienna a boy (3) fell out of the window, on Wednesday the same thing happened to a girl (2) in Linz. The children were seriously injured.

This means that in 2022, eight girls and boys had an accident of this type in their early childhood. All of them were similar. Alone or with siblings in the room, or before the parents could react, the children reached the window and fell down – sometimes from a great height.

Viennese boy leaned against fly screens with the window open

In some cases, the little ones leaned against a mounted insect screen, which was unable to prevent or mitigate the fall. The Viennese boy played with his sister in the children’s room and leaned against the fly screen, which gave way, with the window open. He was flown to a hospital with suspected internal injuries. The two-and-a-half-year-old from Linz climbed to the window unnoticed by her parents, opened it and fell out – also through a fly screen. She was treated in intensive care on Wednesday.

Window lintel on Sunday in Upper Austria

Only on Sunday were two girls – one and a half and four years old – each injured in a window fall in Upper Austria, another Upper Austrian fell out of the window in February, as did a two-year-old from Wiener Neustadt. A two-year-old girl from Vienna and a three-year-old girl from Carinthia were also killed this year by an open window.

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Eight children fell out of a window

This means that eight children in Austria have already fallen out of the window this year, compared to ten in the previous year, according to records from the Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV). On average, a child falls from a window every four to five weeks in Austria, and 13 have died as a result in the past ten years, according to the KFV. “We therefore urgently appeal to parents to be particularly careful when ventilating and to take preventive precautionary measures – such as installing window locks,” emphasized Othmar Thann, director of the KFV, in a current statement.

According to the KFV, attention is the best form of protection, and small children are particularly at risk. They should never be left unattended with the window open. The Board of Trustees advises lockable window locks that are appropriate for the age of the children. Furthermore, objects attractive to children should not be placed on window sills or balcony parapets and no “climbing aids” such as tables and armchairs should be placed nearby.