After the beating of Alfredo Adame, network users make fun of memes

MEXICO CITY (appro). – Users on social networks mocked actor Alfredo Adame with memes, who was beaten by two subjects whom he – he said – wanted to help, during the alleged settling of scores that was recorded very close to his house.

In their teasing, they recalled that the former candidate for federal deputy has on several occasions boasted of his alleged knowledge of martial arts.

Adame has assured that he has been a black belt in karate since he was seven years old, a fourth degree black belt in taekwondo and studied Krav Magá for two years, Russian sambo for a year and a half and has practiced kick boxing and Muay Thai.

According to Adame’s version – which varies each time he is interviewed – one of his assailants shouted that they had killed his brother and was carrying a woman with a gunshot wound to the shoulder, so he went over to ask if he could help them. something. However, the subject insulted him and while another joined the beating.

The assailants claimed that Adame was recording a homicide victim and that bothered them.

These are some of the memes.