After the post supporting the Taliban, Ghani: My Facebook was hacked

ACCEPTANCE ( – Afghanistan’s former president on Monday (27/9/2021) said his Facebook account had been hacked after a message supporting the Taliban was posted on a verified page, Anadolu Agency report.

“Important. The official Facebook page of Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has been hacked. Until recovered, the content posted on the page Facebook since yesterday it is no longer valid,” wrote a message on the page Twitter Ghani.

It came after a brief statement on his Facebook page the day before urging the international community to recognize and support the Taliban government in Afghanistan.

“It is a bitter fact that we and our former Cabinet have no percentage of control in Afghanistan, but some countries are still pushing former ambassadors and representatives in the world to create a new crisis in the country,” reads a post on the page. Facebook Ghani.

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He accused Afghan envoy to the UN Ghulam Isaczai and other diplomats of choosing personal gain over national interests.

“The international community must understand that if Afghanistan is to have prosperity and peace, then (it must) extend a hand of friendship to it,” he added.

The former president fled Kabul on August 15 after the Taliban seized the capital and has since taken refuge in the United Arab Emirates.

Earlier this month, Ghani rejected claims he fled with millions of dollars and expressed regret for leaving “without ensuring stability and prosperity” in the country.

“I apologize to the Afghan people that I couldn’t have ended it differently,” he said, stressing that he was advised to leave Kabul because “it was never my intention to leave my people.” (haninmazaya/