Again young wolves on the northern part of the Veluwe NOW

Wolves have been born again in the northern part of the Veluwe. A spokesperson for the province of Gelderland confirmed this to on Wednesday after reports by Omroep Gelderland. The province suspects that “a few weeks ago” four wolf cubs were born.

The pair of wolves the boy got is believed to be the same pair that gave birth to five cubs last year, although there is no DNA evidence to confirm that.

The four young wolves are captured on an image that the province cannot release, because the location of the wolves could be deduced from this. The province wants to prevent people from looking for wolves themselves.

According to the spokesperson, the wolf pack in the North Veluwe probably now consists of ten animals: two parents, four newborn wolves and the four wolves that were born last year.

Wolves in the autumn in search of their own habitat

It is not entirely clear how the wolves born last year are doing. One of the young has recently found droppings and one young has run over. The presence of the other three fry has not been recently demonstrated.

In the fall, the young born last year will probably look for their own territory.

0.04 percent of wildlife damage caused by wolf

The presence of the wolf stirs up a lot of dust within the agricultural sector. Farmers are afraid that the predators will attack their livestock. A wolf recently bitten dozens of sheep in North Brabant.

If a native animal – which is the wolf – causes damage to, for example, livestock or crops, a farmer can claim compensation.

On Wednesday, BIJ12, the implementing agency for the provinces, published figures showing that between November 1, 2018 and November 1, 2019, wolves were responsible for 0.04 percent (more than 10,000 euros) for the damage paid.

Goose causes most damage

In November and December, 60 sheep were killed by wolves and therefore BIJ12 expects the number of wolf damage compensation to be higher in 2020.

In total, more than 25 million euros was paid in wildlife damage, more than 2.5 million euros more than in 2018. Most damage (over 21 million euros) was caused by geese. The tit caused more than a million euros in damage.


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