European Airbus announced on Thursday plans to halt production of the A380, abandoning its dream of dominating the skies with a large 21st century jet after years of poor sales.

The world's largest double-decker aircraft, cabins and 544 seats were designed in the basic design to challenge the Boeing 747 but failed to gain a foothold as airlines supported a new generation of smaller and faster aircraft.

The last A380 will be delivered in 2021, Airbus said in a statement.

Confirming the change, Reuters said first, Airbus said Emirates, the largest buyer of the A380, had decided to cut its orders for the giant jet to order 70 of the smaller A350 and A330-Ni.

The European company said it would enter into negotiations with trade unions in the coming weeks on potentially affected jobs, which would be between three and three thousand and five hundred jobs.

Airbus will produce 17 additional aircraft, including 14 for Emirates and three for Japan's ANA.

As part of the restructuring, Emirates has placed a new order for the purchase of 40 A330-900 New and 30 A350-900 aircraft, partially restoring orders on the A350 after it was canceled in 2014.



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