Airports: long queues at the start of the holidays | free press

Additional staff was hired to cope with the increased number of passengers. Despite this, there were long queues.


After the start of the summer holidays in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, there was a heavy rush of passengers at Frankfurt Airport on Saturday. Long queues formed in front of the check-in counters in the departure hall and at the security checkpoints.

Additional staff were deployed to organize the queues. Most of the travelers lined up patiently, and the situation remained relaxed overall in the morning.

A Fraport spokesman spoke of an orderly, stable operation with selective waiting times. The airlines are also deploying additional staff in the two terminals in order to cope with the high volume of passengers.

Up to 200,000 passengers a day were expected at Germany’s largest airport over the weekend. Already on Friday there were around 180,000.

Police ensure calm at Cologne/Bonn Airport

According to the police, some passengers at Cologne/Bonn Airport have become aggressive because of long waiting times. Several police officers were therefore commissioned with the War

te queues to ensure peace, as the police announced on Saturday.
According to the police, several passengers noticed their loud or aggressive behavior on Friday evening, so some tried to push ahead and simply walk past the queue. Therefore, the police are on site to “ensure that everything runs smoothly”. This is planned for the whole weekend.

On Saturday morning there were extremely long waiting times at the security checks at Cologne/Bonn Airport. According to a spokesman for the federal police, it was about four hours. (dpa)