Aix-en-Provence: several injured in a brawl on the sidelines of the demonstration of angry bikers


On amateur videos, the unleashing of violence is beyond doubt. The white car is encircled by a large number of bikers who strive to destroy the vehicle with what they have on hand, helmets, projectiles. Inside the car, the front passenger is armed with a long knife he waved from the window. What happened ? How did the altercation degenerate? The first testimonies Saturday afternoon, about 1,500 bikers were demonstrating in the streets of Aix-en-Provence. They responded to the call of the Federation of “Angry Bikers” who protests against the lowering to 80 km / h of the maximum speed allowed on roads. Around 17:00, on the sidelines of the demonstration, at the level of the stock exchange, a motorist apparently exceeded by the procession, would have brandished a knife and uttered threats. The bikers would have immediately surrounded the car that threatened to rush into the procession. In the altercation, two bikers were wounded by stab wounds, they lodged a complaint at the police station. The occupants of the car dispute the facts The occupants of the car dispute the alleged facts and consider themselves a victim of bikers hard. On Saturday, they were heading to a McDonald’s restaurant, located east of the city, they were not aware of the protest and found themselves blocked by the rally, they explain. According to their testimonies, they would have liked to take the bus route to circumvent the event. It is there, that without motive, they would have been attacked by the bikers. According to them, it is the bikers who were armed with a knife and one of the occupants of the car would have managed to disarm one of the bikers and that is why, we see it with a knife in hand on the videos. When the police arrived at the driver’s home to stop him in a hit and run, they found that one of the occupants of the vehicle was injured in the calf tendons and a cut in the hand. He was hospitalized at the polyclinique Rambaud the same evening and operated on Sunday morning. An ongoing investigation An investigation into these events has been entrusted to the Aix-en-Provence police station. For the moment, from a police source, the investigations confirm only that the motorist would have sought to force the passage, without however to affirm that it was threatening.


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